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Managed Hosting Products

Managed Hosting Products

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Interoute is one of Europe’s leading managed hosting providers. Our expertise in managed hosting solutions ensures that the set up and configuration of our customers' hosting platforms best meets their objectives, whilst providing them with optimal levels of performance. 

At Interoute, we understand that maintaining the availability of infrastructure is vital to all of our customers in a world of converged services and rapid transactions. The impact of loss of service can have severe implications on daily business operations. 

Our managed hosting services therefore utilise state of the art monitoring systems to prevent service disruption and ensure that business continuity is maintained. Servers are hosted in secure, controlled environments, with reliability and stability at the forefront of our offerings.  Managed hosting packages include advanced antivirus monitoring as well as full back up and storage to safeguard your data.

What’s more, we employ a team of dedicated, cross skilled, engineers who work with our customers to meet their business needs, whatever they may be. By proactively managing all of their network hardware together with the operating systems and applications that their hosting platforms require,our engineers are responsible not only for ensuring that availability is maintained, but that our customers’ managed hosting platforms remain fully responsive to any changes in their business requirements.

The key features of Interoute’s managed hosting solutions include the following: