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Hosted Contact Centre

Hosted Contact Centre

Interoute Hosted Contact Centre provides customers with full contact centre functionality, natively integrated with Skype for Business and Lync, for one simple fixed price per user to maximise your investment.

The Interoute Contact Centre solution is built exclusively for Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync. By leveraging the native APIs, Interoute is able to extend the Microsoft functionality of Skype for Business and Lync, enabling you to benefit from full contact center functionality without the need to install any additional desktop software.

Interoute can provide solutions for organisations of all sizes, from small and medium sized contact centres to complex enterprise organisations with multiple geographically dispersed agents.

Businesses who switch to Microsoft Skype for Business can maximize their investment from Interoute’s Hosted solution, with its natively integrated contact centre functionality.

For one standard price, Interoute provides a complete set of premium features out of the box:


Interoute’s innovative web control panel enables users to configure automated call and contact distribution through skills-based routing and multi-level skills configuration.

Call Recording

Configure call recording to any level desired. Agents can be given the ability to start or stop recordings. Direct inbound and outbound call recording is also available for agents.

Quick IVR

Enables users to quickly and easily create new contact centers, skills and queues. Add or remove agents within minutes.

Web Chat

Leveraging the Lync web APIs (UCWA), Interoute enables web chat through a public facing web chat client written in HTML and Javascript. Easily integrate with 3rd party websites.

System Integration

Easily integrate with 3rd party systems, including Screen Pops and CRM platforms to look up data or enable callers to perform self-service tasks.

Skype Integration:

Offer your customers simple and inexpensive click-to-call using Skype, connected to Interoute over the internet without traversing the public telephone network.

Multiple Business Units

Create multiple business units within a single instance of Interoute to provide privacy and security while simplifying installation and upgrades. This can help reduce the total number of instances.

Global presence

Interoute Virtual Data Centre locations are available to host your service in Asia, Europe, and America complemented with Inbound DDI's in 45+ countries with porting available.