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Enterprise Unified ICT

Enterprise Unified ICT

Interoute's Unified approach to Enterprise ICT services.

We run the network that drives Europe's digital economy

We call it Unified ICT: Creating and managing all Enterprise ICT Infrastructure as a Service, delivered from a secure networking platform and integrated for optimal cost, performance and efficiency. We simplify the delivery and management of ICT infrastructure and make it much more flexible, allowing our customers to change the service they receive efficiently and economically, as their business needs dictate and as often as required.


We recognise that few enterprises, if any, will move to a fully outsourced model in one go. That's why we allow customers to move towards it one service at a time, each one integrated with the last, at a pace which suits their requirements, altering the solution continually as their business evolves.

Our services include: Managed Hosting, Colocation, VPN, EVPNBusiness VoIP, Fast Ethernet, Dedicated HostingBusiness Internet Access, Cloud Hosting, Hosted Lync and Video Conferencing.

Supporting the concept of Unified ICT are three related ideas: Unified Connectivity, Unified Communications and Unified Computing.