Tiscali case study

A customer tailored solution

Tiscali’s innovative business model was to provide Internet access free of charge and the company aimed to be the European Internet Company that made the Internet more accessible. The group’s success has also been based on its willingness to lead the battle against monopolies, making Tiscali the first operator to launch free internet access in Italy and subsequently across Europe. With the same challenger approach, Tiscali is today in the front line to promote broadband market deregulation in Europe.


Tiscali needed to create a new Italian fibre-optic carrier network extending approximately 6,600  kilometres in order to ensure coverage throughout Italy. The development of the new backbone in Italy was part of the strengthening of its entire international backbone and aimed to take advantage of the new upcoming opportunities of the Tlc market. At the same time, Tiscali needed to meet the ever-growing  requirements of broadband technology. Tiscali’s quest for pervasive and efficient network capabilities was made easier by the presence of Interoute, owning and operating Europe’s largest and best connected voice and data network.


Interoute’s solution was a customer tailored offer: a dark fibre network of 1850 kilometers  connecting 18 POPs (Points Of Presence) in 12 regions of central-North Italy, delivered within three months. The agreement enabled Tiscali to concentrate on its core mission and growth strategy while Interoute managed the backbone requirements related to the maintenance of the cable. 


The agreement will cover a period of 15 years. Tiscali’s satisfaction for this ongoing partnership is due to Interoute‘s extensive geographical coverage throughout Italy and Europe, it’s reliable proprietary network and Service Level Agreements, as well as a willingness to work in a true partner relationship. Indeed, Interoute’s network and services combined with its customer- oriented approach, explain why it has been chosen by all major incumbent operators and by the majority of Alternative Network Operators in Europe.

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