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Service provider IP transit

Service provider IP transit

Today’s Internet is all about bringing Content to Eyeballs over high performing networks in a cost effective manner. Interoute, by having the largest, most scalable and most densely connected IP network (dual stack IPv4/IPv6) in Europe today, is the obvious choice for European IP traffic distribution.

Interoute offers the most comprehensive IP Transit product portfolio, including:

  • Interoute Global Transit: provides a full Internet routing table at market leading rates
  • Interoute EuroTransit: provides a partial routing table (approx 50% of full table which in many cases could represent up to 70% of the total traffic volume) for those customers looking to optimise the European connectivity and reduce their Total Cost of Transit
  • Interoute EuroTransit Plus: brings all the benefits of Interoute EuroTransit under normal operation with the added benefit of allowing customers to switch on the global routing table on demand should the need arise. Interoute EuroTransit Plus allows 24 hours of global routing without incurring on Global Routing Charge




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