Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

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Protect your digital businesses and fast-growing user-base with improved security using multi-factor authentication.

Interoute offers a comprehensive range of managed security services using leading technologies and supported by skilled security operations staff.

Our Multi-factor Authentication services helps you give users convenient and secure access to the data and services they need.


Software-based tokens

Installed on your computer or device. Easy installation & no hardware to manage. Hardware tokens available if required. 

Self-service portal

Let’s you retain control over user admin such as token re-synchronisation and PIN change.


Token usage logs and any authentication events are available via your web portal. 

Universal usage

Can be used on PCs, laptops, tablets or phones. Supports a wide range of operating systems.

Easy Integration

A broad range of integration solutions, which include RADIUS, SAML, APIs and agents.

Comprehensive security options

Complements access via IPsec or SSL, plus standalone services for specific needs such as a web server or cloud services access 

Why Interoute?

Protect your networks, applications and cloud-based services.

Strengthen the authentication process and increase the difficulty for attackers to steal or gain access to passwords.

Quick & easy migration. With a free migration agent.

Software tokens. Usable with PCs, laptops, smartphones & tablets.

Admin automation. Authorise & allocate thousands of users in minutes.

Self-service portal. Simplify the set-up & distribution of tokens.

Automated compliance. Schedule reports in a standards-compliant format.

In Interoute we have found a partner who can match the high levels of performance and quality that UEFA and its competitions stand for.


Extra Information

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Technical Specs

Operational Efficiency
Extensive Automation;
Reduces the time of provisioning, administration, and
management of users and tokens
Flexibility to Support Enterprise Wide Deployment
24x7 availability; No hardware requirements; Grows with your organisation’s requirements; Centrally managed policies
Complete definition and control of your users authentication journey; Multilingual support for user self-service, approval workflow and enrolment; Customise and brand the overall infrastructure and user experience so it is unique to the specific organisation
vSIG Product Packages 
Simple, low, per-user pricing model with no hidden or additional costs;
Cloud platform; reduced helpdesk expenses, lowered management time by 90%; Large-scale automation for user provisioning, and user self-enrolment
Quick Cloud Migration
Smooth transition from an existing third party RADIUS authentication server;
Maintain current token investment while immediately benefiting from lower operational costs; Automated processes significantly reduce administration and management overheads 



Q: What is Multi-Factor or Strong Authentication? 
A: These authentication solutions enable organisations to ensure that a user is indeed who he or she claims to be. They increase the security of the authentication process beyond passwords. Strong Authentication solutions commonly involve a physical device, (e.g. token), used together with a password to prove the owner’s identity. A wide variety of Strong Authentication token technologies and form factors are available.
Q: How do software tokens work?
A: Software tokens enable Strong Authentication without a physical device. These tokens are software programs that can be stored on a user’s computer, or on mobile devices such as a smartphone. Based on a secret key, the token generates a one-time password that is displayed on the computer or mobile device.

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