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Security for Interoute is more than just a capability – it’s an intrinsic part of our Digital Enterprise Platform. With native layer 2 network separation as standard, and using MPLS for private networking, Interoute's basis for security starts with inherent and proven protection of your data and assets. Interoute complements its in-built platform security with enterprise-grade protection and access management.

Case study: Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank’s multi asset-trading platform relies on Interoute’s global infrastructure

A Danish investment bank that specialises in online trading and investment, Saxo Bank prides itself on offering providing its clients with the most innovative, seamless trading platform available.

Interoute’s high capacity infrastructure delivers a fully resilient and secure platform that gives Saxo Bank the peace of mind it needs to focus on delivering to its customers.

Recognised by the leading industry analysts & experts, Interoute's Digital Enterprise Platform is truly unique.


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