Software Defined WAN

Software Defined WAN

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Traditional networks were designed to deliver applications from a central data centre, with low latency from each site

As applications move to the cloud, traffic can take an indirect route, resulting in poor performance. Extending MPLS connectivity to geographically remote sites is simply not feasible but with Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions this need no longer be a concern.

Interoute Edge Access is an SD-WAN solution which optimises access to all applications in the data centre and the cloud.


2x faster

The world’s largest clouds use our network to connect, making it the logical place for you to connect. We’re typically 2x faster than basic internet.

Lower your network costs

Our hybrid networking approach enables the use of low cost, high bandwidth internet circuits together with business critical connections.

Application intelligent routing

Application intelligent routing ensures the fastest physical connection and path for the application. Our network and Edge both adapt dynamically. 

Ensure reliable, secured service

Our unique cloud fabric network adapts with demand to deliver predictable and reliable, encrypted connections. 

Network acceleration

With integrated WAN optimisation and acceleration, users can experience LAN-like performance and use less bandwidth.

Bring your own connections

Interoute Edge can be deployed as an overlay to new or existing 3rd party connections. 

Why Interoute?

Interoute Edge simplifies cloud adoption. Connecting into our unique Cloud Fabric network in 132 countries, access to cloud services is faster, more reliable and more secure.

Cloud Fabric also simplifies hybrid cloud integration of non-cloud services. Simply connect at over 300 locations worldwide. 

Universal. Build predictable connectivity using Interoute Cloud Fabric.

Low latency. Avoid the variable performance of the open internet.

Trusted. The world’s largest clouds use our network.

Reliable. Ensure reliable application delivery.

Flexible. Build hybrid solutions catering for on-premises, legacy and cloud.

Interoute is setting an aggressive pace with SDN WAN, and this combined with its considerable network capacity is compelling.

JOEL STRADLING – Research Director, Current Analysis

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Q: What is SD-WAN?
A: It’s a recent evolution of WAN technology that offers benefits overs traditional router appliance based WAN. A new approach to support branch office connections, which offers simplification and cost benefits. A way to addresses price and performance issues with connecting to public cloud applications.
Q:  How does SD-WAN differ from an MPLS network?
A: SD-WAN provides a software defined overlay to traditional networks. It abstracts the connectivity access mechanism and provides an application connection approach. Logical application connections can be built over multiple access types and load shared. Command line based configuration of CPE is replaced with centrally orchestrated policy of Edge devices.
Q: How easy is it to move to SD-WAN from my existing architecture?
A: SD-WAN solutions can replace existing architecture in a phased approach with minimal disruption using cloud based gateways to bridge between networks.
Q: How does interoute deploy SD-WAN?
A: We use our own virtualised CPE devices, which connect into our unique Cloud Fabric. This delivers provides reliable application delivery over any access type and seamless integration of both cloud and physical data centres based applications. Customers can even use their own internet connections. Our centralised management portal and orchestration remove the complexity of operation. 
Q: What level of encryption does Interoute Edge Access provide?
A: AES 256 encryption of data sent over the SD-WAN.
Q: What is the underlying technology that Interoute uses to provide SD-WAN through Interoute Edge Access? 
A: We use a combination of technologies which include our Virtual Data Centre (global IaaS platform), our Cloud Fabric (global SDN core), along with commodity technology for cryptography, key management, image repositories, monitoring, next generation firewalling, orchestration. Some we’ve developed and others that we’ve integrated. Silver Peak is the overlay technology used in our solution. 
Q: Why should I use Interoute to provide my SD-WAN solution rather than other service providers?
A: Our unique hyperscale, SDN “Cloud Fabric” delivers consistent low latencies to your cloud providers, data centre and offices. As the biggest names in cloud also leverage our backbone, we can provide the fastest and most direct path without the middle-man. We also can connect by any private network access type or even bring your internet public connectivity. We’re not in the legacy telco business, generating profits from selling last mile circuits. As such, we focus on technical innovation and we’re already on a second-generation product.
Q: What is WAN optimisation?
A: WAN optimisation is a technology that can improve application over WAN links. Applications delivered using TCP over a LAN perform well. When distance, cost and complexity of WAN connections is introduced; latency, MTU, packet loss, jitter, TCP windows and available bandwidth become issues for the application. In many cases, the user experience is unacceptable, so the application can’t be moved off-site. WAN optimisation uses technology across WAN links to vastly reduce the impact of these challenges and can even reduce costs by using bandwidth more efficiently. 
Q: What is dynamic routing?
A: Dynamic routing leverages the available public and private network access types, such as 4G, fibre, DSL. It will use the best option or even combination of connections at the same time. The intelligence in the service will make decisions on the path and access circuit used for moving application data. It does this by continuously monitoring the performance of connections for all the applications over all the access types. 
Q: What are the high level benefits of SD-WAN?
A: The three principal benefits you'll derive from an SD WAN solution are:
     - Faster access to cloud applications
     - Lower overall costs
     - Faster turn up of new sites
Q: Can I take a phased approach to SD-WAN deployment?
A: Yes. You can simply replace your existing architecture on a site-by-site basis. Additionally our devices will work with other Internet service providers (BYOI - bring your own internet).
Q: What do you mean when you refer to Interoute's Cloud Fabric?
A: Cloud Fabric is our global, hyperscale SDN network core. It is agnostic to access type and network type, delivering public and private services. It integrates colocation, our VDC (IaaS platform) customer offices and 3rd party clouds. It enables the delivery of performant, reliable and predictable applications and simplifies the delivery of hybrid cloud services for the enterprise. 


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