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Interoute One Bridge

Interoute One Bridge

Interoute One Bridge is Interoute’s unified voice and video conferencing bridge platform, which is delivered as-a-Service. It enables anyone to dial into a video conference from any device, in HD including Microsoft Lync different vendor systems and via a web browser.

From the conference room to the coffee shop everyone can now easily talk and meet face to face in one place wherever they are.

Key solution benefits:
  • Works with almost any device and vendor agnostic
  • Share HD video and content with Microsoft Lync
  • Unlimited Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Works for video and voice calls
  • Works with WebRTC
  • Global coverage

What is it?

Interoute One Bridge is a global unifed voice and video conferencing bridge build into Interoute’s MPLS network for any device and vendor conferencing.

  • Device & vendor interoperability
    Interoute One Bridge has been tested with Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, RADVision, Microsoft and Sony, with devices as diverse as smart-phones, tablets, laptops, desk-units, room systems and Immersive Telepresence (ITP). It offers device and vendor agnostic performance in HD.
  • Lync interworking
    Share HD video and content sessions amongst “traditional” video systems and Lync.
  • Unlimited Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) at no charge
    We don’t limit the number of VMRs you can give your employees, so everyone can have their own personal meeting room.

  • Audio-enabled
    When users are on the move, an audio-call might be the best way to connect. Limit those mobile or phone costs by using local dial-ins for 44 countries.

  • WebRTC
    Reach outside the world of corporate IT and connect with users on laptops, tablets and smart-devices via WebRTC, in HD video quality. Internal and external contacts can meet face to face as easily as opening a web page.

  • Simple billing
    We charge per concurrent port in use, with a 50% burst-ability to allow for you to grow into our platform (after 3 months of overages, your commit level is raised to the lowest monthly “peak” in the 3 months window).

  • Efficient port usage
    Ports are based on a 720p user. 1080p uses two ports, with SD quality you have two users per port and we pack 5 Voice calls into each port too. 

  • Online management portal allows you to: 
    Create bridges for users, change bridges, remove bridges, and control a huge variety of online reports. You'll never have to raise a ticket for a bridge PIN again.

  • Global coverage
    Interoute One Bridge is built on three continents, USA, Europe and Asia. Calls to users amongst the sites are kept on-net to guarantee performance, whilst the global locations minimize local latency.

  • Security
    Built into the fabric of Interoute’s MPLS network, Interoute One Bridge leverages the secure standard for corporate networking. MPLS provides "Internet any-to-any access" but with label separated security.

  • Compliance 
    Interoute has the largest footprint, control and ownership of its own facilities in Europe, ensuring location and access control is sensitive to your demands.

  • Public and private on the same platform
    The integration of Interoute’s MPLS/IP network makes this Communications delivered privately amongst your users, with the internet allowing users on the go, and outside parties, to communicate too.