LOCOG case study

Who are LOCOG?

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is the organisation responsible for overseeing the planning and development of the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It was jointly established by the UK Government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Mayor of London and the British Olympic Association and was structured as a private company limited by guarantee. LOCOG worked closely with the publicly funded Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), which is responsible for the planning and construction of new venues and infrastructure.


What was needed?

Organising ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is a monumental logistical effort and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games came with substantial IT demands. Supporting London 2012 was not only the task of the 10,000 willing volunteers and ‘games makers’, but also that of a vast IT infrastructure, without which the Olympics could not have taken place.

With many mission critical operations, including ticket allocation and individual event statistics/records, dependant on LOCOG’s IT infrastructure, having resilient back-up systems was essential.  As well as its primary processing data centre facility in London, LOCOG needed a secondary site within replication distance to support its primary facility and provide disaster recovery operations for all the IT applications involved in hosting a successful Games.

With exacting regulations, extreme technical requirements and an unbending timescale for delivery, LOCOG needed a data centre facility capable of meeting the very highest technical specifications with exceedingly flexible configuration options.  This facility needed to be easily accessible from London, to come with high density power options, leading security features and to be as environmentally friendly as possible in order to meet LOCOG’s continual aim to create a truly sustainable Olympics.


The solution

LOCOG carried out an extensive audit process of the Tier III+ data centre facility in Hoddesdon led by a dedicated data centre consultancy team.  Key features of the site were thoroughly examined and its flexibility, facilities, operational procedures, access control and security were all deemed capable of meeting LOCOG’s very specific demands. 

LOCOG was provided with its own dedicated suite and a variety of fully customisable options as part of a resilient infrastructure. To meet its rigorous security requirements, all of LOCOG’s on-site IT was on lockdown and only accessible to its own staff. Installation of exclusive armoured trunking for the WAN cabling outside of the dedicated data centre suite enhanced extra security and reliability.

38 IT equipment racks with a power capacity of up to 132kW and a cooling system capable of delivering 280kW were provided.