Interoute Managed Services Netherlands BV

Welcome to the Interoute Terms and Conditions site.  On this site you can find the terms and conditions applicable to your order at Interoute Managed Services Netherlands BV ("Interoute") unless you have signed up to a specific Master Agreement with us.

In order to establish which Standard Terms and Conditions and service specific terms and conditions apply to your service please check the full legal name and registered office of the Interoute entity stated on your Purchase Order. (You can find this information at the signature area on your Purchase Order.) 

Click here for the current (as from 3 March 2016) Netherlands Web Terms Schedule 1 which are the general terms and conditions we require to do business.

Please find below the current Schedule 2 (Additional Terms) relevant to the individual service/s you are purchasing. If you wish to find older schedules for services purchased before the date referenced at the corresponding schedule below, please go to Archived Web Terms.

If you find any difficulty in finding your documentation, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager at Interoute. 

Acceptable Use Policy - v2.3 (applicable from 03 November 2015)421.99 KB
Managed Bandwidth Service - Schedule 2A - Version 5.0 (applicable as from 26 May to 18 January 2012)26.3 KB
Managed Video Services - Schedule 2B - Version 7.2 (applicable as from 29 October 2014)350.42 KB
Co-Location Service - Schedule 2C - Version 4.4 (applicable as from 23 March 2015 including) 136.38 KB
Dark Fibre Lease - Schedule 2D Version 4.4 (applicable as from 03 November 2015)297.44 KB
Ethernet Service - Schedule 2E - Version 8.1 (applicable from 07 February 2017)789.73 KB
Internet Access Service - Schedule 2F - Version 5 0 (applicable as from 30 Nov 2012)298.97 KB
Schedule 2G - VPN - Eng Lang - v8.1846.32 KB
Streaming Media Service - Schedule 2J - Version 4.0 (applicable as from 26 May 2010)30.9 KB
Additional Terms for Enterprise Voice - Schedule 2K - Version 6.2 (applicable as from 29 October 2014)302.09 KB
Additional Terms for VVN Services - Schedule 2L - Version 6.0 (applicable as from 29 October 2014)316.42 KB
Virtual Data Centre Service - Schedule 2N - Version 5.0 (applicable as from 16 February 2015)355.89 KB
VDC Definitions Annex – Version 1.0 (applicable as from 16 February 2015)108.97 KB
VDC Managed Operations Annex – Version 1.0 (applicable as from 16 February 2015)144.13 KB
VDC Self-Care Operations Annex - Version 1.0 (applicable as from 16 February 2015)93.23 KB
VDC SLA Annex - Version 1.0 (applicable as from 13 February 2015)240.1 KB
Additional Terms For Dedicated Private Network Services - Schedule 2M - Version 1.0240.55 KB
OPN Service - Schedule 20 - Version 5.049.34 KB
Security Services - Schedule 2S - Version 4.5207.59 KB
Cloud Hosted Unified Communications - Schedule 2U - Version 1.2 (applicable as from 13 November 2014) 408.64 KB
Additional Terms for Interoute Application Management - Schedule 2X v1.4 (applicable from 23 June 2014)506.79 KB
Supported Software for Interoute Database & Application Management Services214.45 KB
Two Factor Authentication Service - version 2.0385.26 KB
Content Filtering Service - version 2.0205.24 KB
Security Annex for Firewalls – version 2.0214.91 KB