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Interactive Network Map

Interactive Network Map

Interoute is the owner-operator of one of Europe's largest networks and a global cloud services platform which encompasses 15 data centres, 17 Virtual Data Centres and 33 colocation centres, with connections to 195 additional third-party data centres across Europe. We are constantly enhancing the Interoute network, upgrading its technology, extending its reach and accelerating the speed at which it can be deployed. We put this experience and expertise to work delivering our customers network needs faster than they can do it themselves.

Please note: This map is a snapshot of Interoute’s layer 1 and layer 2 network infrastructures and latency in one direction. As we are continually updating our footprint and capabilities this may not be fully representative of all services provided by Interoute. If you have any queries please contact your account manager or service.provider@interoute.com

For a copy of the KMZ map and Latency matrix please click here.

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