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Interoute Cloud Connect

Interoute Cloud Connect


Interoute Cloud Connect (ICC)

Integrating WAN Optimisation, Application Performance Monitoring & firewall with cloud, in a single on premises device, to create intelligent networked IT-in-a-box.


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Features and Benefits

WAN Optimisation

  • Massively increased application responsiveness bringing LAN like performance to the WAN
  • Enhanced productivity eliminating delay introduced by the WAN
  • Up to 50% cheaper than comparable market leading physical WAN Optimization services

Dynamic Path Control

  • Pick the exit circuit which best suits the applications' requirements on a per application basis
  • Increases available bandwidth without compromising redundancy or application performance

Secure Firewalled Local Internet Access

  • Fast Internet access for sites which are geographically remote from central infrastructure, or where latency and assured performance is of less importance

DMZ connectivity for local server placement

  • Ease cloud migrations with local applications which make more sense at the edge, whilst moving the rest into the cloud, typically Read-Only AD, DHCP & print servers

Lync SBS

  • Providing on site resilience for Interoute Lync users with options for on-site PSTN breakout for inbound and outbound voice

Advanced Reporting Engine

  • Analysis of statistics vital for performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Improved network visibility key to understanding how users utilise the network
  • Improved capacity management, planning and network audit capabilities

Optimised Interoute Virtual Data Centre connectivity

  • Direct, optimized, private VPN connectivity directly into one of the world’s largest private cloud Infrastructures on three continents

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Consolidation, through virtualization, of on-site IT infrastructure on to a single device


Joel Stradling, Research Director at Current Analysis, commented:

“Enterprise clients face challenges in achieving good network performance, agility and security, as they move towards virtualized networks and IT. Interoute’s new ICC product meets these needs head on with a number of NFV capabilities including optimized traffic with acceleration available on public clouds, all underpinned by Interoute’s SDN-ready MPLS network. Interoute is setting an aggressive pace with SDN WAN, and this combined with its considerable network capacity is compelling.”