Great Guns case study

Great Guns is the UK’s premier business to business telemarketing and lead generation company. They specialise in generating leads and sales appointments so that their clients receive a stream of prospects interested in buying products or services.

Great Guns took the decision to invest in public “Cloud-based” services for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Email services. By removing the need to buy expensive IT infrastructure at their offices, they benefited from reduced capital expenditure and obtained services that are more scalable depending on business growth. Where customers use the public internet to access Cloud-based services, a fast, reliable and above all cost effective internet connection is absolutely critical in realising the financial benefits of Cloud-based services.

Great Guns’ ability to access and update their CRM system via the internet is critical to day to day operations. New business growth was putting strain on their existing internet connection which used a copper based technology: the lack of speed caused frustrations for Great Guns’ telemarketers, unable to update the CRM system quickly enough with frequent system down-time and decreased efficiency. Great Guns looked to increase their existing internet access using a fibre based service from 2Mbps to a 10Mbps but the costs of doing so were considerable with their existing supplier.

Interoute (formerly Vtesse) was awarded a contract to provide Great Guns with a new 10Mbps internet connection including a fully managed service with managed router, monthly performance reports and monthly router health reports. New fibre connections were ordered into the building and more than quadruple the speed of the internet connection at a substantially less cost than quoted by the existing supplier.

Should Great Guns need to upgrade their service again, the solution is also future proof and upgrades from 10Mbps in 10Mbps increments up to 100Mbps can be serviced remotely. This ability to upgrade incrementally means Great Guns only need to buy what they need, when they require it, as their business grows.