DQ&A case study

DQ&A are an international on-line advertising company with clients including MSN, AOL, Marktplaats, Hyves and Ilse Media. The company has offices in São Paulo, Cape Town, Stockholm, Madrid and Hamburg, and is headquartered in Voorburg, the Netherlands. DQ&A started its search for a new solution to replace their existing fixed line telephony which they used for all international calls.  DQ&A are quickly expanding and required a cost effective and easy to implement solution in many countries that will reduce the cost of International and between office calls.


The solution 

Interoute One provided business quality and fully secure VoIP services. Adding telephony to the digital business environment, making the expensive and traditional PABX obsolete. An additional advantage of Interoute One was the unlimited availability of telephone numbers. 

Interoute One works with IT standards like Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS) and makes VoIP as easy to manage and as cost effective as e-mail. OCS combines all forms of communication like chat, VoIP, audio, video and web conferencing in one user friendly system.  All incoming and outgoing phone calls between offices and business partners who are using the OCS platform are free. Calls to fixed and mobile numbers are at competitive rates.


DQ&A made substantial savings on international phone calls with no degradation in quality by adopting Interoute One.


"The popularity of the system is growing and growing. It is more than normal that a technology company like us is using this new technology. Our expectation is that we will save at least a minimum of 20% on our telephone cost in 2009 but I think it will be much more.

Making international calls over fixed lines is still very expensive. But that’s not all. We are a fast growing organisation and we don’t want to be limited, as you are with fixed telephony, by the limitations of a PABX,’

Peter Van Wingerden CEO of DQ&A

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