Brain Technology case study

Highly scalable connectivity across Europe. A pure IP over fibre network. And greater control at extremely competitive prices. Brain Technology found their ideal partner for providing wholesale transit service, corporate access and creating new services activated near real-time.


Focus on Guaranteed Speed and Flexibility

The Brain Technology group aims to provide end-to-end service for its residential and business customers. This is especially true for the Playnet division that acts as an Application Service Provider. Playnet offers e-commerce and e-procurement solutions and management software for companies that use Internet as a working instrument. The mission of Playnet is to offer innovative technological solutions and Internet services with focus on speed, scalability and reliability. At the same time Brain needed guaranteed capacity in order to monitor all Essedi Shops in Italy. The shops are permanently connected via the Internet with the central server located in the Brain Technology Operation Centre. This allows every shop in the chain to check the warehouse availabilities of all the other shops.
In addition, the Essedi Shop webportal is structured as a B2B and B2C tool, registering  over 15.000 daily hits. To effectively achieve its business mission, Brain Technology wanted to rely on a partner that could guarantee high speed connectivity, operational flexibility and short time-to-market responses. Interoute’s Internet Services fufilled their brief as well as guaranteeing additional advantages too.


Marco Paesani – Brain Technologies CEO stated: “When we decided to enhance our connectivity potential, it was clear that we needed a technology partner whose resources, approach and customer care could be relied on. Many aspects of our business require us to have fully scalable high bandwidth Internet access so we can respond to both our B2B and ISP/ASP activities. A top security managed environment was also a must”


Hi-Quality Network Performance

Brain Technology’s connectivity needs were taken care of by the guaranteed high-speed and cost-effective IP transit that Interoute offers throughout its pervasive European network. Thanks to this choice, Brain Technology entered the growing list of corporate clients that take advantage of Interoute’s strategy.

Brain Technology was connected to Interoute’s network through the existing POP located within Brain Technology Data Center in Sesto Fiorentino. There, Brain Technology provides housing and hosting services as well as reselling Internet access to other companies. In 2003, Brain asked Interoute for a 8Mb IP Transit intended to satisfy their internal needs as well as their IP access reselling activities. Interoute guaranteed competitive pricing combined with high service performance levels, including 99.5% packet delivery guarantee and 100% network availability. After only one year Brain Technology not only renewed its engagement with Interoute but also asked for its IP Transit service to be doubled to 16Mb.


“Our choice to rely on Interoute was the correct one, and during the last two years our partnership has grown and reinforced itself.” Commented Paesani. “Interoute  represents a first class ally for a number of reasons: its deep knowledge of network technologies has made the integration and delivery process quick and easy. Not mentioning the fact that the absence of intermediaries in our relationship generated a cost reduction of at least 30% compared to the previous solution. Last, but not least, having a provider that has a lean and reactive structure is reassuring for every company that highly evaluates the care for its own customers”.


About Brain Technology

Brain Technology S.P.A. designs and develops advanced computer solutions for enterprises and professionals. The deep synergies between the companies that compose the group allow Brain Technology to offer 360° solutions for its customers.

The industrial company of the group, Brain Industries, has developed advanced procedures for assembly, configuration and testing of Personal Computers. Over 30.000 computers exit the Brain Industries plant every year. All are built in the most rigorous  observance  of ISO 9001 standards  and are bespoke according to customer's needs and preferences.

Playnet, which manages the group Internet web sites, has gained excellent experience in the planning and creation
of web sites. They also deliver Housing and Hosting services to a range of different clients, both business and residential. Playnet’s mission is to offer to Italian companies innovative technological solutions and Internet services with a focus on speed, scalability and reliability. The chain of franchising stores named Essedi Shop bring the products and services offered by Brain Technology to the final customer all over Italy, through their 90 store network.

Computer Care supplies technical services both on-Site and on-Centre for all the products sold by the group and for several international brands. Furthermore, it supplies professionals and companies, custom contracts and other services, such hot-lines, all-inclusive services and interventions within 2 hours from the call.

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