Bolsius case study

The candle manufacturer Bolsius is rapidly expanding, especially in Central Europe. To support this, the business applications and the communication between the different locations must be able to count on a robust and reliable network.  Interoute, owner and operator of the advanced European fibre network for voice, data and internet traffic, was chosen by Bolsius to deliver a future-proof network that met its business and ICT requirements.


Founded in 1871 by the Bolsius brothers, they started making beeswax candles using traditional methods.  Today, it produces hundreds of millions of tea lights, table and fragranced candles in the Netherlands, Germany, England and Denmark.  It is by far the largest producer of candles in Europe, with over 900 employees and exports to over 50 countries.


Marcel Donkers, Bolsius ICT Manager said “Due to our rapid expansion and changing business requirements we began looking for a new supplier of data communications.   We wanted to maintain the existing quality and at the same time try to achieve cost savings.  Cost is very important to us, because data communications swallows a significant proportion of my ICT budget.  After a tendering process, Interoute proved to be the most suitable supplier for Bolsius”.

"We chose Interoute because Bolsius is increasingly expanding into Central Europe and they have more Points of Presence (POPs) in that region and therefore a better infrastructure than our former provider and other providers. The big advantage  is that new sites are easier to connect at a lower cost”.


Proof of Concept

The network migration started with the Netherlands and Germany sites, where the connections were quickly operational.  Donkers said "The migration went smoothly thanks to the professional guidance and support from the specialists within Interoute. The migration, performed for each site, took an hour or less and went smoothly.”

The subsidiary site in Kobylin, Poland was a little more difficult. Kobylin is a major production site.  It employs 500 people from which 65 are using ICT devices and tools, but in the summer, staff increase to 600 or 700 people to handle the seasonal demand of the product.  For this site Bolsius wanted a "Proof of Concept" to see if the service Interoute delivers is truly comparable to its old solution in terms of latency, the guaranteed time a data packet within a network needs from A to B, and fewer drops or time outs.

The quality of the connection was important because Bolsius ran applications through a Citrix environment that were made available to all employees.

Donkers explains: "To make the Citrix traffic run smoothly flat response times are required. If that doesn’t go well, the user experiences freezing screens or even worse, he loses the connection. The response times for Kobylin were good and the desired quality was achieved."

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