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Our Commitment

Interoute is committed to fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibilities, for our employees, the community and the planet. Interoute is Europe’s leading Cloud service provider, actively promoting our next generation secure Cloud solution to meet our customers business and community responsibilities. Our portfolio of advanced ICT services are designed to enable people to enjoy the benefits of the latest cloud technologies, promoting communications within companies and across the globe, while reducing carbon emissions that harm our planet. Our Social Responsibility Program is chaired by Interoute’s CSR Officer, and coordinated through a CSR Executive Steering Committee, managed across our 30 countries of operations. The foundation of our commitment will be built on solid performance and measurement of CSR metrics identified below 4 key areas:


In order to reduce CO2 footprint, Interoute aims to  reduce international travel, measured as airmiles/employee within Interoute by 15% in 2012 and 35% in 2015, compared to 2011. We commit to actively utilise recycled office materials across our business administration with yearly productivity enhancements in the reduction of our carbon emissions across our Data Centre Operations.

  • 5% year over year PUE Improvement between 2012 and 2015 across our Data Centres
  • Attain a European Union Data Centre Code of Conduct 2 rating
  • Implementing and expanding our use of ‘Green’ energy sources from our Amsterdam, and Stockholm Data Centres to our other European operations where applicable.

Products & Services

Providing leading ICT solutions across our product and service portfolio to enable Enterprises to reduce energy consumption and enable their employees through secure cloud solutions to reduce their impact on the environment.Our Unified Communications, Unified Computing and Unified Connectivity solutions enable companies to improve the performance and efficiency of their ICT services  whilst reducing carbon emissions that harm the environment. These include:

  • Virtualized Data Centres that increase ICT computing resources while reducing power by 60%.
  • Our year on year virtualization goal is to attain 70% of all computing solutions by 2015 
  • Video Conferencing to reduce travel and carbon emissions. 


Interoute is committed to our employees and our community, and has for several years established an undergraduate and a graduate program with leading Universities across Europe to help evolve the next generation of Interoute but also Europe’s new digital age. We have established values and beliefs which define the characteristics of Interoute employees and which inform our relationships with each other and our stakeholders:

  • Individual Responsibility: We will act in the best interests of Interoute and our customers, and will not use our position to disadvantage personnel at Interoute. We will comply with all legal requirements including our licences and other regulations
  • Commitment in everything we do: We maintain the fighting spirit of the alternative provider - we strive to win by being the most efficient and effective in our industry
  • Personal Development: We stimulate career development within Interoute and recognize that cherishing employee knowledge within different roles has huge benefits to the company and the employee. We continuously improve via feedback obtained, from employee surveys, line management and annual appraisals.
  • Openness and  Honesty amongst colleagues and in our dealings with third parties: We will act with honesty and integrity towards colleagues, customers, suppliers and regulators and treat them with respect. We will encourage disclosure of unlawful or unethical behaviour in a confidential environment free from fear of retaliation. We encourage people to think and challenge decisions that are not in the best interest of the company.

Charities around the world


Interoute is committed to supporting our local communities, and actively supports the following charities in the countries we operate in.


Organisation Description How Interoute helps

Kids Non-Profit Organization (KNPO) is a Swedish charity dedicated to promoting children's safety and reducing fatalities and injuries from road accidents in developing countries. 


Free usage of video bridge for internal and external meetings.
Make A Wish logo

The mission of Make-A-Wish Foundation International is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. 


Help a London Child logo Help a London Child raises money to improve the lives of children affected by abuse, illness, disability, poverty and homelessness. The money funds local grass roots projects right across London.
CLIC Sargent logo

As the children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent is there… with clinical, practical and emotional support, every step of the way.


Project Volunteer logo Visit their website for an insight into how Project Volunteer is helping orphaned children in Botswana, and Kenya. 
DEBRA belgium logo

DebRA is the only national patient support group and medical research charity in Belgium working on behalf of people living with EB. DebRA relies entirely on voluntary donations.


national MS logo The National MS Fund is a patient and research organization active in the areas: education, coaching and research to join forces in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.
Free hosting services for their website
CliniClowns charity logo

CliniClowns Foundation in the Netherlands performs in children’s wards over 101 hospitals and other care institutions. 


Free hosting services for their website

Sello Coopera Charity logo

Coopera have several projects around the world, in Africa, Latin America and Israel. Their main area of work is “education and integration”. Since 2009 they have been certified with the ISO in Quality Management by LLOYD's. 



SOS Kinderdorf International logo With more than 130 affiliated national SOS Children's Village associations worldwide. It provides family-based care for children who have lost their parents or can no longer live with them. 
Free hosting services for their website

For any questions on CSR, please contact csr@interoute.com