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The Scabal Group is a company built on expertise. Founded in 1938, it designs, creates, manufactures and markets menswear fabrics and made-to-measure suits. Headquartered in Brussels, the company is represented in over 60 countries and its fabrics are worn by globally recognisable figures including Barack Obama, Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise, David Beckham and Robbie Williams.

Scabal sells only the finest fabrics, with a specialist at every stage of its fully owned production process ensuring a consistently high level of quality, from the sourcing of its raw materials up.


Tailored for the cloud.

José Largo, IT Director, Scabal

When relocating to a new office in Brussels Scabal needed to either replace its entire infrastructure or to find a flexible, cost effective, cloud based alternative tailored to its needs. After working closely with the Interoute team Scabal chose to migrate to Interoute’s high performance cloud platform. The hybrid solution includes dedicated virtual servers and a physical server for Scabal’s demanding Oracle database.


Consistently high standards.

Scabal is a business built around quality. Since 1938 it has sold only the finest fabrics made from the best raw materials. These same high standards are evident in the company's selection of Interoute for its cloud based storage and security measures. Interoute's state of the art monitoring system enables Scabal to make a back-up every day or every hour without any disruption to its business functions.


Internal communications across multiple geographic locations in an instant.

With flagship stores in Brussels and London along with a presence in Milan, Basel and Paris it's vital for Scabal's design and marketing team to be able to share data-heavy files and collaborate quickly with all areas of the business regardless of their location.


Scaling with Scabal.

José Largo, IT Director, Scabal

We believe that strong, long term partnerships are built on trust, we are supporting Scabal with a broad range of technology services across its growing business and are able to scale our solutions as Scabal grows.

This ranges from the delivery of its cloud-based telephony, video communication, system integration and the centralisation of its internal helpdesk to the exapnsion of its corporate WAN.

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