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Providing public sector connectivity with The Link.

The Link is a public services initiative that brings together organisations from across Sussex in the UK to form a successful cross-sector consortium to meet mutual ICT requirements. The Link’s network enables organisations to contribute to a shared infrastructure which delivers both economies of scale and a communications platform for collaboration across public services organisations. 

The unified approach to ICT services plays a crucial role in helping the local community to stay connected while improving communications with public services providers.
Interoute is The Link’s network services partner, providing a secure PSN compliant aggregated network which facilitates fast, cost effective unified communications across all public services organisations within the consortium, across the region.



Secure, resilient and flexible network services.

Mark Potter, Client Manager, The Link

The Link infrastructure delivers services to a diverse range of public sector workers. Members of the public benefitting from The Link include visitors to council buildings, students, museum visitors and tourists. For all users it’s crucial that the network remains secure, reliable and fast at all times. All organisations benefit from a shared network infrastructure, however each one is able to contact the Interoute help desk direct and enjoys 24/7/365 access to the Interoute support team.


Cross-sector collaboration.

Mark Potter, Client Manager, The Link

The Link is committed to constantly evolving its services to meet the changing needs of its growing community. As new public services organisations join and existing members replace their ICT systems there is an exciting opportunity to improve future cross-sector collaboration.
Interoute has worked closely with the Link user community to develop network upgrade paths which anticipate future communications trends such as high speed access to cloud based services. Speedy access to relevant information across the care spectrum can have a hugely beneficial impact on the recipients of health and social care services in local communities.

Connecting users across the local community.

Mark Potter, Client Manager, The Link

The Link provides connectivity options to over 10,000 corporate users and approximately a million public users in and around Sussex. A blend of fixed and wireless connectivity solutions helps public servants to share working spaces and collaborate more efficiently while local citizens are now able to access the internet free of charge through public Wi-Fi access delivered over The Link’s network. The take up has been phenomenal with over 5,800 users accessing Link Wi-Fi at one central Brighton library in one week alone.

The Link is a public sector partnership governed by its stakeholders who are East Sussex County Council, Brighton and Hove City Council, East Sussex Fire and Rescue, Lewes District Council, Wealden District Council, Rother District Council, Eastbourne Borough Council and the NHS. The stakeholders are also the Service Recipients.

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