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IT Infrastructure underpins global collaboration strategy

Grontmij, part of Sweco, is Europe's leading architecture and engineering consultancy. Grontmij specialises in the fields of energy, highways & roads, sustainable buildings and water. Grontmij has over 100 offices and site teams in Europe and China carrying out projects all over the world.
To help it target increasingly high tech projects with greater complexity, Grontmij is working with Interoute to transform its IT infrastructure and to deploy flexible new work processes remotely. Grontmij needed a single, low latency platform for global collaboration. Interoute's virtual collaboration tools allow

Grontmij’s many experts located around the world to work virtually with colleagues and clients across geographies. Location no longer matters. Which means that the right minds can always be matched to the right job.

“Interoute delivers innovative services as well as the foundations, it offers a local face and a global presence.”

Raimond Voermans, Head of Group IT, Grontmij, part of Sweco.


From the ground up. A unique strategy on the right network

Raimond Voermans, Head of Group IT, Grontmij, part of Sweco.

Grontmij’s innovative new consultancy model delivers significant market differentiation along with important cost savings for its clients. Grontmij’s IT infrastructure facilitates shared processes, shared communications and shared knowledge. Engineered for the ambitious, Interoute underpins this strategy by providing a secure and reliable network platform connecting offices around the world to deliver business critical information, documents and applications.


Advanced global network delivering a rich Microsoft Lync experience

Raimond Voermans, Head of Group IT, Grontmij, part of Sweco.

Grontmij depends on Interoute’s SIP trunking for its Lync environment, enabling it to use the service both internally and externally, anywhere, across any device. Local inbound DDI numbers help reduce call costs while new contacts across new markets are easily added enabling seamless, global collaboration. The high quality user experience led to rapid adoption across all Grontmij employees with company-wide meetings now held on Lync, replacing the need
for desk phones and video bridges. Over 3,000 conferences are used each month and the key to this success is its simplicity including features such as one click communication for employees and clients alike.


Recruiting local talent for global projects

Recruiting new graduates is an ongoing challenge for the engineering industry. Grontmij has built its engineering base next to a key university in Istanbul, Turkey.
Using its connected platform, this facility has been successful in serving Grontmij’s business across Europe with new graduate talent that has the necessary qualifications and skills to address its increasingly complex projects.


A new breed of consultancy delivering tangible results

Raimond Voermans, Head of Group IT, Grontmij, part of Sweco.

It’s easy to see the impact of Grontmij’s new ICT infrastructure. Productivity is up. And travel costs have reduced by 20%. Virtual working has improved cross border collaboration and employee IT satisfaction has increased by 10%. Customer satisfaction has also increased and crucially, Grontmij is winning new contracts because of its new breed of consultancy supported by Interoute.


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